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Ninh Binh – Trang An Tour


Situated on the southern shore of the Red River Delta, Trang An is a spectacular landscape of limestone karst peaks permeated with valleys, some of which are submerged, and surrounded by steep, almost vertical cliffs. Exploration of some of the highest altitude caves dotted across the landscape has revealed archaeological traces of human activity dating back almost 30,000 year.


  • Explore the beauty of the mountains of Non Nuoc and Canh Dieu in Ninh Binh Province
  • A chance to know more about part of feudal dynasties and historical periods in Vietnamese history.
  • Take a boat trip exploring Trang An ecotourism complex.
  • Travel Style: Day Trip & Excursion
  • Tour Type: Group Tour
  • Start: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Finish: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Cost: US$ 25